The GoBox Movement

With a growing, diverse population, two international airports, and the I-10 transportation corridor, human trafficking is a major issue in Houston. Many people who want to help fight human trafficking may be unsure how to begin. The vast amount of information on this subject can leave some of feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of a starting point. This is where the GoBox comes in.

What is the GoBox?

The GoBox is a self-contained toolkit that provides helpful resources and specific guidance to empower you and a small group to become a vital part of fighting human trafficking in Houston. The GoBox will equip you with knowledge on human trafficking, empower you to take action, and connect you with organizations where you can make a difference. The GoBox will guide you through the process of education, prayer, awareness , prevention, volunteering, and activism.

How can I get started?

Freedom Church Alliance is hosting a six week GoBox class at A 2nd Cup that we invite you to participate in. This is an opportunity for you to meet and discuss the materials within the GoBox and the practical actions you can do to start combatting human trafficking in Houston. Registration is now live!

GoBox Class

April 2nd – May 7th 2018 (optional 7th week: May 14)

6:30pm – 8pm

A 2nd Cup (1111 11th Street, Houston TX)


More Information about Trafficking in Houston

The Freedom Church Alliance has even more information about the GoBox and how to use it. Click the button below to learn more.