On January 1st, 2015, people across America will have lists of resolutions, things they want to start, finish, or improve on over the course of the year. There's nothing wrong with New Year's Resolutions, but take a moment to ask yourself this question...

What if God has more in store for you this year than simply improving your finances, health, or relationships? What does God's version of 2015 look like? How will you find out?


Consider participating in a 21 Day Fast with Neartown Church. We'll begin the fast on Monday, January 5th, and we will break the fast together on Sunday, January 25th at our annual Neartown Church Vision Dinner.

Fasting is an important part of the Christian faith. In the Bible, fasting always involved abstaining from some foods. The Hebrew words for fasting means “to cover the mouth”. This is new to most of you, but we encourage you to consider participating in a type of fasting called a Daniel Fast. The scriptural foundation for the Daniel Fast is found in Daniel 1:12Daniel 10:1-2.

Will you consider participating? Several of the leaders have already committed to this time of spiritual focus and renewal. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of refreshment spiritually, but you will benefit physically. We believe the two (spiritual and physical) are connected deeply.

For more information on foods that qualify during a Daniel Fast, just search "Daniel Fast recipes" on Google or Pinterest.

If you plan to participate in this fast, please click here to send us a quick email so we can be praying for strength during this time.

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