Vision 2025 of Neartown Church


By the start of 2025, what do we want to be true of Neartown Church?

Beyond the Horizon (7 years):

Over the next seven years, Neartown Church will hit the fruit bearing season and become an orchard, filled with many fruit-bearing trees in the Kingdom of Heaven, here in the heart of Houston. Our trees, the people who God the farmer has planted in our community, will sink their roots deep into good soil through the light of God’s Son, the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit and the water of the Word. These people will produce fruit, reaching 100 new believers through an effective process to equip and empower our people. We will cultivate saplings (believers just beginning to grow in Christ) and show them how they were purposefully designed to grow both deep and wide, strong and tall, producing fruit just like all the other trees, seeing our 3rd generation of new believers from those saplings in year 7.

This growing church will reach 400 people in Mission Partnership, inviting overworked and malnourished Houstonians to rest in an orchard that will provide what they’ve been seeking; a Farmer that satisfies and helps them thrive, a safe place to both breathe deep the oxygen produced through a culture of love and family and protect against the storms of the day to day amidst the strong, mature trees that surround them.

These seven years will be a start to the revival of new life in Houston through a coordinated partnership with other churches rooted in the glory and grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ. With so many rooted together in Him, we will set a national standard for how to do vibrant, fruitful ministry in the core of a major, international city. Neartown Church will plant 3 more strong churches, because God’s design for his orchards and the trees within them is to reproduce healthy, life-giving, Christ-centered fruit trees like themselves.


To get there, we’ll need to prioritize addressing these 4 areas in our church.

Background (3 years):

  • Reaching Outsiders - 35% of new growth through unchurched becoming MPs, 20% are baptized

  • Completed Pipeline - Will complete our “unchurched to sent planter” pipeline, providing clarity for everyone what their next step is in this mission

  • Prioritize Prayer - 10% of everything is spent praying for God to carry the vision forward.

  • Clear Communication - Written communication plan and volunteers to run it.


How can we begin addressing one of these areas with immediate impact?

Midground (1 year): In 2019, Neartown Church will exceed 365 gifts given to guests.


Where do we put our effort to accomplish this goal?

Foreground (90 days):

  • Quarter 1

    • 10 Big Ol’ Blessing Blasts

    • 80 Surveys Completed on Inviting Others

    • 100 "Top 4" Bookmarks Distributed

    • Assemble Celebrate Sundays Team.